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You know you live in Hollywood when…

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You find cookies for Santa… in a bush… in May.

For Santa


Smokin’ Spidey

Posted in General, INSANE! Characters on 2009/05/15 by kaitlynolsson

Spidey ManHollywood Blvd: Spidey caught smoking a cigarette outside of a movie premiere, unmasked. Can you believe that people let their children take pictures with this dude? We tried to reach Mary Jane for comment, until we discovered he smoked her too.

Even after this picture, we still think Spidey is classier than trashy Hollywood couple Speidi…. Agreed?

Jesus is Satan’s Homeboy

Posted in General, INSANE! Characters on 2009/05/15 by kaitlynolsson

Here’s a confusing sight:

Jesus and Satan

After seeing this duo chatting it up at Hollywood & Highland, one can only ask: what were they talking about??

Mer-MAN, pop. Mer-MAN.

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In a bizarre scenario that would make Ariel cringe…

Mer-MANA Merman frolics down the street, accompanied by other half naked sea-folk and a sequined treasure chest. Where do you see a Merman frolicking down the street, you ask? Oh, you know.. Santa Monica Boulevard.

King Triton is gonna be pissed.

Zoolander Mer-MANMer-MAN, pop. *cough* Mer-MAN!

Welcome to Hollywood Walk of INSANE!

Posted in General on 2009/05/04 by kaitlynolsson

Thanks for stopping by. We’re just getting the blog up & running, so check back soon!